Reasons To Donate Your Car To An Automotive Or Trade School

When you're looking for a way to make the most of your older and scrap vehicles, you might want to consider the possibility of donating them to a local trade or automotive school. There are many benefits to donating your car, especially to a facility like this. Here are a few of the advantages to donating vehicles to local automotive schools.

It's a Tax Deductible Donation

Any time you donate your vehicle, you can claim a tax deduction. The difference in donating the car to a trade school like this is that you get the fair market private-party value for your deduction if the car is used for auto training. Most donated cars are used by these schools to help educate the student body on various elements of auto repair.

That makes donating to auto and trade schools a great choice for maximizing your deduction. Any car that isn't used as part of the training program will typically be sold at an auction. If that happens, the tax deduction you can claim is the price that the car sold for at the auction.

You Can Donate Any Year, Make or Model

Although some organizations may restrict what kinds of cars you can donate or what types they'll actually use, when you donate to an automotive school, you get a lot more flexibility. These schools don't care what year the car is or what condition it is in, because they will disassemble and repair the car as part of their training programs. That means that you have a better chance of getting a deduction for and finding a use for your old car.

Your Car Could Go To Very Good Use

In addition to using the cars as training tools for the automotive education programs, many of these trade schools then give away rebuilt cars to local charities or organizations. In some places, the cars are used to help low-income families who cannot afford one, while other places may give them to single parents. In either case, you can have the confidence that when you donate a car to an educational program like this, you're benefiting many people.

As you can see, there are many great reasons to donate your car to a trade school or automotive education center. Before you have a scrap metal service pick up that old car from your yard, reach out to a local trade school in your area to see if they take donations and to explore the potential of giving the car to them. To find out more, speak with a business like Newgate School.